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Master Controller by Calitek

Discover the new Calitek Lamp Controller!

This Calitek controller allows you to control luminaires from two different lighting groups, allowing you to manage up to 100 lamps per zone!

You will be able to adjust the output power of the lights or turn them on and off for complete control of your growing environment.

This Calitek controller can also simulate the 10-60 minute sunrise and sunset cycle and accurate temperature readings with two thermal probes and automatic thermal threshold attenuation for added protection.

The LCD display allows quick viewing of parameters and allows easy adjustment of current parameters for each zone.


Technical characteristics :

Technical data

Output range: 10% to 115%

Maximum number of ballast per output: 100 ballast

Max cable length per group: 100 m

Control current outputs: 2 groups, A / B

Temperature sensor: 2 groups, A / B

Overheating protection: Yes

Sunrise / sunset function: Yes

Permitted ballast power: 1000W, 945W, 70W, 630W, 600W, 500W, 315W

Input voltage: DC5V / 2000mA

Weight: 0.5Kg


Included in the box:

  • Master Controller
  • AC adapter
  • x2 Cord and temperature sensor 5 m
  • x2 Controller cable 5 m, RJ9 / RJ14
  • user’s Guide

2 years warranty

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